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Complete Rubber Broom Set
Complete Rubber Broom Set
Regular Rubber Floor Broom - Use for Sidewalks, Driveways and Garages!Rubber Hand Broom/Brush
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You've Seen Them At Trade Shows Everywhere! Now for the first time you can buy them in a convenient set . The Complete Amazing Rubber Floor Broom Set includes:

(1)Original Rubber Broom w/12" solid rubber head w/ a 58" telescopic (extends from 33"-58") steel handle

(1)Industrial Size Rubber Broom w/huge 18" solid rubber head w/ 59" sturdy 1 piece steel handle for strength.*(See Shipping note at the bottom)

It also includes:

(1)Rubber Hand Broom w/ a 5" solid rubber head for small spaces.

By purchasing the Complete Rubber Broom Set you not only save $$$ off the individual pricing but you also save a ton on shipping!

* The Original Rubber Broom is still the best for all your household chores. This versatile cleaning product can be used wet or dry and cleans everything from windows to carpeting. The Rubber Broom makes a great scrub brush without you having to get down on your knees. Gets deep down dirt out of all those cracks and pores in vinyl flooring.

* The Industrial Size Rubber Broom is great for work shops, basements, garages, patios and driveways. Guys, you will love the fact that it doubles as a push broom but does much more than push. The wide sweep even gets wet leaves and grass clippings. Also pulls saw dust, kitty litter, dirt and gravel into one pile without all the dust. It also has a squeegee side for pushing water out of your garage or down floor drains. It is impervious to water, soap, household chemicals and acid.

* The Rubber Hand Broom is compact in size but large on versatility. Use for cleaning up small spills like crumbs, sewing threads and dirt. Makes a great upholstery or lint brush. Keep one in the car for cleaning off your windows in the winter. Best of all the Rubber Broom is so easy to keep clean by washing with soap and water. It is also safe to use disinfecting liquids. You can even take the head off and pop it in your dishwasher.

"We bought two brooms at Portland, OR RV show and can't say enough good things about them. Super product. Am buying one for my sister and the hand brush I neglected to get at the show. Thanks for a great product!!" -Brigid G. Washington, USA ....see more customer comments.

The Amazing Rubber Broom Does Everything!

*Shipping Note: We only include a 59" heavy duty steel handle with our Industrial Rubber brooms in the Complete broom set. This incurrs additional freight charges from the shippers. Because of this, we must charge a $2 fee in addition to the $9.95 flat rate shipping. There is only one $2 fee per order, no matter how many long handle items you purchase! 

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