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GET SERiOUS! Dog & Pet Urine Cleaner, Odor Remover
GET SERiOUS! Dog & Pet Urine Cleaner, Odor Remover
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GET SERiOUS! Pet Pheromone, Stain & Odor Extractor Is The Only Cleaner That:

* Removes Visible Pet Stains

* Extracts The Pet's Pheromone so that your pet is not biologically triggered to re-soil in the same spot....STOPS the RE-SOILING CYCLE!

* Eliminates Odors That Humans Can AND Can't Smell

* Does Not Leave A Stiff Or Yellow Residue

* Removes Old Stains, Odors, Pheromones, And Yellowing That is Left Behind By Other Cleaners!

* Works In Less Than 3 Minutes!

* Can Be Power-Boosted By Warming In The Microwave(heat 25 seconds)

So....Why does this stuff work when others fail? GET SERiOUS! EXTRACTS the problem. It doesn't merely try to neutralize it and leave it in the carpet. It penetrates through the padding all the way to the subfloor and "bubbles up" the problem to the top of the carpet where you can completely blot it out. When the cleaning process is complete, pets aren't attracted back to re-soil, because the Pheremone is gone! And the extra bonus...Your carpet looks as good as the day before you thought about adopting a pet! Never leaves a sticky residue.
And because it's so concentrated, 1-16oz bottle will last a very long time, making it super economical!

Order yours today!

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