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Pampered Pet Gift Set
Pampered Pet Gift Set
(1) 4oz Get Serious Odor Remover!Same Great Product in a NEW Smaller Size!(2) XL Shammy Pet Towels - Choose Your Colors Below!(1) Rubber Bristle Pet Broom/Brush - Colors vary, but you can let us know in the comment box of the order form if you have a preference.
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Our Pampered Pet Gift Set
has everything you need to pamper your pet and be a great help to you too!

This is a Must for new pets and pet owners. Do you travel with your pet? This is an essential gift set for travel. Or are you just wanting to get a super gift to pamper your pet and/or your friends pets, and show them how much you love them? This is it! Maybe you need several Pampered Pet Gift Sets! Your Pampered Pet products come attractively nestled in "too cute" paws print tissue. 

Each Pampered Pet Gift Set includes:

(1) Convenient 
4oz bottle of GET SERiOUS!® Pet Pheromone, Stain & Odor Extractor.

The Only Pet Cleaner That: 
* Removes Visible Pet Stains 
* Stops the Re-Soiling! Extracts The Pet's Pheromone so that
   your pet is not 
biologically triggered to re-soil in
   the same spot.
* Eliminates Odors That Humans Can AND Can't Smell 
* Does Not Leave A Stiff, Sticky Or Yellow Residue 
* Removes Old Stains, Odors, Pheromones, And Yellowing that is Left Behind
   by Other Cleaners! Even Pet Urine in Concrete! 
* Works In Less Than 3 Minutes 
* Can Be Power-Boosted By Warming In The Microwave (heat 25 seconds) 

Even though you may not smell if pheromones are left in your carpet, it is what "Marks the Spot" for your pet, and causes repeat accidents. Other pet stain and odor remover products are not capable of EXTRACTING the pet's Pheromone, which is what is needed to BREAK THE CYCLE OF RE-MARKING BEHAVIOR. Those cleaners can only remove stains and neutralize the odors that humans can smell (and many times they don't even do that very well!). It's not possible to neutralize a Pheromone - It must be removed. See GET SERiOUS Odor & Pheromone Remover Instructions.

(2) XL Super Absorbent Pet Towels .
Our Shammy Pet Towels are super absorbent, very durable, and yet dry cuddly soft! An airspun process is used to create thousands of micro-pores so that it absorbs like a sponge. This makes them ideal for a pet drying towel at bath time! Use just ONE Pet Towel instead of several terry towels (saves on your laundry bill!). Shammy Pet Towles make fabulous crate pads, crate liners, and soft absorbent liners for pet bedding. Soft, comfy, AND super absorbent, these pet towels will absorb even the biggest puddle FAST! Use along with your GET SERiOUS! odor remover for cleaning up any pet mess or accident.
They are essential for travel to keep your pet comfy and absorb any accidents along the way. Each reuseable pet towel is non-toxic, machine washable and color fast. Think of it as you pets new security blanket!

(1) Rubber Bristle Pet Brush
Another versatile product you'll find you cannot live without is included in each Pampered Pet Gift set. The rubber fingers/bristles scrub deeply into carpet and upholstery, and works perfectly with the GET SERiOUS!® cleaner! 
Also use For pet grooming and to gently massage your pet. There are no sharp bristles to scratch or irritate your pets delicate skin. Your dog or cat will humm, purr, and beg for more! And it doubles as a fabulous lint brush for removing pet hair from clothing, upholstery, car seats, and carpeting.
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