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Industrial Size Rubber Bristle Broom - Rubber Broom
Only $39.95
On SALE for only $19.95
Versatile Cleaning Tool For Your Shop or Garage - Use Wet or Dry!
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Original Commercial Grade German Super Absorbent Shammy / Chamois, 100% Viscose. Set of 4 XL (27" x 20") Shammys.
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Versatile Cleaning Tool For Your Shop or Garage - Use Wet or Dry!

Clearance Sale! Just $19.95 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

$39.95 Reg.

$19.95 SALE

Extra Large,
Heavy Duty - Solid Rubber
Industrial Size Rubber Bristle Broom
Just $19.95!

You've Seen Them At Trade Shows Everywhere! Now order this handy tool from the comfort of your own home. The Rubber Industrial Size Bristle Broom has a 18" solid rubber head and a 59" steel handle (sturdy 1 piece construction)for strengh. With our Industrial Rubber Floor Broom there are no loose bits and pieces falling out to sweep up like on the average bristle or corn brooms. Run of the mill brooms also allow fine dirt to escape right through the bristles. Instead of collecting the dirt into a nice neat pile it kicks the dirt at the end of each stroke and sprays it all over the place. That's why your are forever sweeping and never seem to get anywhere. The Industrial Rubber Bristle Broom, however, interlocks it's rubber fingers w/ the slightest pressure to create a squeegee effect (See Rubber Broom Instructions). This keeps the finer dirt from slipping through. The Rubber Broom also never sprays the dirt. It stays with the broom to form one, easy to pick up pile. With the Industrial Rubber Broom you can sweep your garage, workshop, basement, sidewalk or patio to a dust free clean.

* Hey Guys!!! Replace your old push broom (and dust mask) w/ the heavy duty Industrial size Rubber Broom. They are perfect for rough or uneven floors such as concrete, tile, and stone because the rubber fingers will conform to any texture so they never loose contact with the floor. Now you don't have to go back over your grout because the Rubber Broom gets it the first time. Safely sweep away saw dust, kitty litter, dirt, pebbles, leaves and grass clippings (wet or dry) without breathing in all that dust!

* The Industrial Rubber Broom also makes a great scrub brush. The rubber bristle fingers do all the work for you, even getting built up crud out of grout lines. No more getting down on your hands and knees with this amazing cleaning product! It won't scratch so it is safe to scrub floors, patios, pool and pond liners , boat decks and more. You can even clean your vinyl siding and larger hot tubs . (For smaller tubs and ponds use the regular size Rubber Broom) When you are done scrubbing, just flip your Industrial Rubber Broom over and use the squeegee on the other side to get off the excess water. Then you can pick up the excess water w/ one of our Absorbent Shammy Cleaning Cloths. Use squeegee side to push excess water down basement or garage floor drain or off patio into garden or grass. (The Rubber Hand Broom is great for keeping in your car or getting in small spaces).

* Think of how much time & money you'll save! The Industrial Rubber Floor Broom has an average life span of 7 to 10 years and is virtually indestructible . The average broom will be frayed, missing bristles and need replacing in only one to two years (or less).

* The Industrial Rubber Broom is so easy to keep clean by washing with soap and water. It is also safe to use disinfecting liquids.

* Check out our Complete Rubber Broom Set. Now you can get your Industrial size Rubber Broom for your garage or shop, the Original Rubber Broom for around the house. and you even get the versatile Hand Broom for smaller cleaning jobs, as a lint bursh or pet brush, or even for smaller windows! . All for one low price!

The Industrial Rubber Bristle Broom. . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . Sweeps Everything In It's Path!

Sweeps all surfaces - sturdy enough for concrete floors, stone, brick, tile, etc.

Great for basements, garages, workshops, patios, pools, boats

Sweeps even wet leaves & grass clippings

Scrubs without scratching

Squeegies floors dry: use squeegee side to push water down floor drain or out into the grass

Virtually indestructible: resists water, soap, acid

Squeegees away slush and snow from cars, trucks, RV's and campers

*Please Note: The long handle brooms require a 60" shipping box and so there is a $2 handling fee added per order. See Specials page for more information.*
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Compare Industrial Size Broom with the Regular size Broom.

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