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Original Commercial Grade German Super Absorbent Shammy / Chamois, 100% Viscose. Set of 4 XL (27" x 20") Shammys.
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Pet Urine Cleaner & Odor Remover, 16 oz.Pint Bottle. SAVE When you Buy 2!

THE BEST Pet Urine Cleaner Available!!

Best Dog Urine Cleaner
Best Pet Urine Cleaner

*Current Specials!
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Your Pet would say "I'm sorry" if he could.
Unfortunately many dogs and cats are sent to shelters or just plain thrown away because of repeated accidents that leave behind unsightly stains and offensive odors. Now you can stop repeated accidents and markings for good with this simple, and MOST effective Pet Urine Cleaner,
GET SERiOUS!« Pheromone, Stain, & Odor EXTRACTOR!.

All too often, dog owners blame their pets for this frustrating behavior. This is because they don't understand the biological and instinctive nature of our pets to soil where it smells it's "scent" due to the Pheromone Factor; And
GET SERiOUS! is the ONLY pet urine cleaner capable of REMOVING the Pheremone and STOPPING the re-soiling process altogether. There is no other pet urine cleaner & odor remover with the strength and ability, even the SCIENCE of GET SERiOUS!
This BEST, Most Effective, dog urine cleaner effectively cleans up ANY pet accident. ANYTHING your pet tracks in, drags home, barfs up or leaves behind! And clean up is as simple as 1-2-3!!! You may also want to add our fantastic Rubber Bristle Scrub Brush, and/or a super absorbent heavy duty German Shammy to your order below. Both are excellent to use in conjuction with the GET SERiOUS!« cleaner.

GET SERiOUS!« Pet Pheromone, Stain &
Odor Extractor Is The Only Cleaner That:

* RemovesáVisibleáPet Stains
* Extracts The Pet's Pheromoneáso that your pet is not
biologically triggered to re-soil in the same spot - -
* Eliminates Odors That Humans Can AND Can't Smell
* Does Not Leave A Stiff, Sticky Or Yellow Residue
* Removes Old Stains, Odors, Pheromones, And Yellowing
That is Left Behind By Other Cleaners ! Even Pet Urine in Concrete!
* Works In Less Than 3 Minutes
* Can Be Power-BoostedáBy Warming In The Microwave (heat 25 seconds)

to remove old stains missed or left by other products.

GET SERiOUS!« Stain, Odor, and Pheromone Extractor is the ONLY dog urine cleaner with the strength and ability to lift the Pheromone out while also removing any associated stains and urine odor. Yet it is Nontoxic, biodegradable, and safe for people, pets, and even birds & fish!
GET SERiOUS!« Is So Simple To Use!
(FIRST: remove any solid waste material and excess wetness)

1. APPLY: Squirt on in zig-zag patterns. Saturate, but DO NOT SOAK! You only need half as much as "other" cleaners. Over saturating can actually prevent a good cleaning result!

2. WORK IN: Use a brush, NOT a rag or sponge! Our Rubber Hand Scrub Brush (sold below) will not damage carpet or upholstery and works great for this! If you are not seeing bubbles, add a little more GET SERiOUS!«. You should get visable foaming action!
(This is important because it penetrates through the padding all the way to the subfloor and "bubbles up" the problem to the top where you can completely blot it out. This extracts the Pheremone, odor and stain. And your carpet looks as good as new! Never any residue!)

3. BLOT OUT: Immediately start blotting with a damp Super Absorbent German Pet Shammy (sold below). Because of its super absorbency we find that the Shammy brings the best results. With the Shammy, make firm contact with the carpet and allow the Shammy to pull as much solution out as possible. Keep blotting to a clean section of the Shammy. Then wash out the Shammy, or use a fresh clean damp Shammy to finish by laying the Shammy back on the area and allow to sit on the surface until all the moisture is pulled out. This won't take long as the the Shammy wicks away moisture very quickly.

4: YOU'RE DONE: Super quick, only 3 minutes!

DID YOU KNOW THAT GET SERiOUS!« Pet Pheromone, Stain & Odor Extractor Is :á


Cleans TWICE the amount other cleaners do. Use HALF as much! One 16 ounce bottle is like getting TWO bottles of the competition!


This is the stain remover you can warm up to quickly soften & wipe off old "locked-on" stains! Simply warm the bottle in the microwave and re-apply (warm for 25 seconds)


The only one that NEVER yellows carpet, and removes the yellow left behind by other cleaners! GET SERiOUS! doesn't leave any "neutralized" urine under the padding to wick-up to the top of carpet later and cause yellowing, like most enzymatic cleaners. GET SERiOUS! penetrates to the padding and bubbles up stains and odors to the top of the carpet, where they can be completely blotted out with a damp Shammy cloth, QUICKLY and EASILY!


Theáonly cleaner that extracts the Pheromone too, so pets aren't attracted back to their mark.á Their "scent" (Pheromone) is in the urine, which is totally extracted during the cleaning process.

Works Immediately Also:
*Nontoxic *Biodegradable *Safe for people, pets, and even birds & fish!

There is no need for heavy saturation, like most enzyme-based cleaners, that can lead to the growth of allergy causing molds under the padding. This results in mold spores being released into the air. GET SERiOUS! EXTRACTS the problem so there in NOTHING left behind but carpet and flooring that looks as good as new!

GET SERiOUS!« Dog Urine Cleaner, Odor & Stain Remover
is THE SERiOUS Solution for Serious Messes! Even pet urine in concrete!!! 16 oz. Bottle.

(Pet-to-Pet Hints, Tips & Advice!)

For those of you who have already experienced the truly wonderful
GET SERiOUS!« Pheromone, Stain & Odor Extractor, we also have the larger quart and gallon sizes available. See links below.

Current Specials (click here)!
* Shipping Just $9.95 For Entire Order!


  • SAVE: Two Pint Bottles for $22! Note: if you would like one bottle of each formula, just let us know in the comment box on the order form.
  • 16 oz. size Bottle of GET SERiOUS!« Pheromone, Stain & Odor Extractor
  • The Rubber Bristle Hand Brush is perfect for cleaning carpet and upholstery
  • A Super Absorbent Shammy will soak up any stain!

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