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Rubber Bristle Hand Broom
Save on 2 or more!
Rubber Hand Broom/Brush
Tons of Rubber Fingers to get the job done fast!
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You've Seen Them At Trade Shows Everywhere!

Such a versatile cleaning product, the Amazing Rubber Hand Broom has a 5" solid rubber head with a squeegee on one edge, can be used wet or dry and on everything from upholstery to shower stalls.

* The Rubber Hand Broom interlocks it's rubber fingers w/ the slightest pressure so nothing slips through. (See Rubber Broom Instructions).

* The Rubber Hand broom / brush is perfect for rough or uneven surfaces such as concrete, tile, and stone because the rubber fingers will conform to any texture so they never loose contact with the surface. Now you don't have to go back over your grout because the Rubber Hand Broom get it the first time. Perfect for cleaning up small spills of kitty litter, crumbs, sawdust.

* For pet grooming the rubber hand broom makes a wonderful Pet Brush! Your dog or cat will humm, purr, and beg for more! And it doubles as a fabulous lint brush for removing pet hair, lint and fuzz from clothing, upholstery and carpeting.

* The Amazing Rubber Hand Broom also makes a great scrub brush. The rubber fingers do all the work for you, even getting built up crud out of grout lines, safely without scratching.

* You can even do your windows , bath tubs, shower stalls, aquairiums, and counter tops. When you are done scrubbing, just turn your Rubber Hand Broom over and use the squeegee on the other side to get off the excess water. Then use one of our Absorbent Shammy cleaning cloths to finish the job.

* Great for car care so keep one in your car for a quick sweep of carpet or seats, as a lint brush, or even to clean snow and sludge from car windows.

The Amazing Rubber Hand Broom, A Cleaning Product So Versatile You can Do All This & More!

* Sweeps all surfaces - vinyl, carpet, ceramic tile, etc.

* Great for Homes, RV's, Boats and more!

* Sweeps with electrostatic - dust and dirt can't hide

* Scrubs without scratching

* Squeegies surfaces dry

* Scrubs out carpet stains without damaging pile

* Makes an excellant Pet Brush

* As a Lint Brush it effectively and quickly grabs fuzz and pet hair

* Virtually indestructible: resists water, soap, acid many do you need at your house? Save $$ when you buY 2 or more!

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