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Shammy Solutions Products

Original German Super Shammy(Chamois)Cloths
Rubber Bristle Floor Brooms, Safety Siphon Hoses

German Super Shammies

Set of 4 XL German Super Absorbent Shammy Cloths (SKU: 100-17)Set of 4 XL German Super Absorbent Shammy Cloths (SKU: 100-17)Four X-Large Full size (27x20) German Shammys in Commercial Grade! Best cleaning product shown at home boat & Auto shows! These are the thickest, sturdiest, BEST Quality, super absorbent synthetic Chamois towels available on the market today! Made in Germany of 100% non-woven viscose. Click on picture for complete description, & color choices!
German Super Shammy 6 pc. Variety set (SKU: 100-01)German Super Shammy 6 pc. Variety set (SKU: 100-01)
Try different size Shammies for different jobs! Three sizes all in one set: 2 XL; 2 L; & 2 Sports Shammys. These are all high quality commercial grade Shammys. Made in Germany from 100% Viscose.  Available in 10 Beautiful colors. Machine Washable and colorfast.
Basic Set of 4 Large Original Super Absorbent German Shammys (SKU: 100-16)Basic Set of 4 Large Original Super Absorbent German Shammys (SKU: 100-16)
For those who have never tried our Shammys before, or if you are just needing to watch your pennies, we are offering our new Basic Set. These are the same high quality commercial grade Shammys that we have in our larger sets. Made in Germany from heavy weight 100% Viscose. Available in 10 Beautiful colors. Machine Washable and colorfast. For color choices & Sales, please click on "More Info" below.
German Sports Shammy Cloth, Pack of 6 (SKU: 100-03)German Sports Shammy Cloth, Pack of 6 (SKU: 100-03)Sports Shammy 6 pack. All the benefits of our original Heavy Weight Shammy cloth in a Sporty, lighter weight & size!(15x16) Our Sports Shammy is an all around team player and shines indoors as well as outside, from the Kitchen to the Golf Course. The Sports Shammy excels as a Golf Towel, just clip to golf bag, belt, or tuck in pocket. Excellent for windows, in the kitchen, or the car for travel clean-up. Click on the picture for full info, multi-set discounts & colors.
Set of 2 Amazing Kitchen Dish Cloths (SKU: 100-35)Set of 2 Amazing Kitchen Dish Cloths (SKU: 100-35)Discover the cleaning secret of professional chefs - Our Amazing Kitchen Dish Towels! Don't put up with the annoyance of bulky wet & unsanitary terrycloth. This most ingenious Kitchen Cloth is the best way to clean up spills, dry dishes, and wipe down counters. Get Yours Today! Click on picture to see all TEN Beautiful Fiesta Colors and get discounts.
Shammy Pet Towel set (SKU: 100-27)Shammy Pet Towel set (SKU: 100-27)Set of 3 Generously Sized Absorbent Shammy Pet Towels. Each Shammy Pet Towel is cuddly soft, extremely durable yet super absorbent and cuts drying time in half! Use as crate pads, crate liners and dog bedding. Great for all pets, dogs, cats, horses, etc. Another great product of Germany. Click on picture for complete description, Multi-Set discounts, & color choice.

Rubber Bristle Brooms

Rubber Hand Broom/Brush (SKU: 100-12)Rubber Hand Broom/Brush (SKU: 100-12)The Rubber Hand Broom/Brush with sgueegee edge has all the same great features as our regular Rubber Broom only in compact, easy to transport size. Great for car care, as a pet & lint brush, scrub brush, cleaning carpets, windows and more!

Safety Siphon Hoses

Siphon Garden Hose Adapter (SKU: 100-24)Siphon Garden Hose Adapter (SKU: 100-24)Connect your 1/2" Original Safety Siphon (Syphon) to your garden hose for added length! Buy 2 and Save.
Siphon Hose Flow Clamp (SKU: 100-25)Siphon Hose Flow Clamp (SKU: 100-25)Start and stop fluid flow quickly and easily while using your Original Safety Siphon hose with the Syphon Flow Clamp! Buy 2 and Save.
At Shammy Solutions we pride ourselves in bringing quality products to our customers. Above you will find all of our products listed. We have a variety of versatile home, car care and pet product solutions, including our Original German Super Shammy (Chamois) cloths, to help simplify and organize hectic lifestyles in today's world. The last thing you need is another product lying around collecting dust. All of our products are tried and true by households all across the U.S. for over 30 years!
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