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Industrial Size Rubber Bristle Broom - Rubber Broom
Only $39.95
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Versatile Cleaning Tool For Your Shop or Garage - Use Wet or Dry!
Amazing Kitchen Dish Cloths / Kitchen Dish Towels: Set of 2
Only $5.99
On SALE for only $5.49
Set of 2 Amazing Super Absorbent Durable Kitchen Cloths
Set of 4 XL German Super Absorbent Shammy / Chamois Cloth
Only $19.95
Original Commercial Grade German Super Absorbent Shammy / Chamois, 100% Viscose. Set of 4 XL (27" x 20") Shammys.
The Original Safety Siphon / Syphon Hose - 1/2" Gas, Oil, Water, & Aquarium Siphon
Only $19.95
On SALE for only $9.95
The Original Safety Siphon: Made in the U.S.A.
Rubber Garden Safety Rake - Handy Home & Garden Product
Only $39.95
On SALE for only $19.95
Great For Landscaping!

Versatile Sports Towel made in Germany

Set of 6

$7.95 Reg.

$6.95 SALE

*NEW Lower Pricing!
(See Below.)

SPORT TOWELS: All the benefits of our original
Heavy Weight Chamois / Shammy cloth
in a Sporty, lighter weight (140 gram) & size (15“x16“)!

Our Sports Shammy / Chamois is an all around team player and shines indoors as well as outside,
from the Kitchen to the Golf Course.

The Sports Shammy excels as a Golf Towel. This soft, super absorbent Shammy keeps your hands & golf equipment clean and dry so you can be at the peak of your game. Can clip to golf bag, belt, or tuck in pocket.

This super absorbent Sports Shammy makes a perfect Kitchen Cloth ! For washing and drying dishes or wiping down counter tops and tables, the Sports Size absorbent chamois / shammy cloth will not scratch any surface, including marble, granite or stainless steel. Great for wiping out the refrigerator or freezer, and as liners in the veggie drawer it absorbs excess moisture.

The Sports Shammy is a hard working member of your household team making your jobs fast and easy! Great as a Polishing Cloth for silver and brass (use dry to buff or with a polishing creme), a Dust Cloth for dusting wood cabinets and other fine wood furniture (use damp or with your favorite cleaner), washing and drying windows and glass, and for dusting all your electronic equipment. The Sports Shammy is lint free so your windows, glass and screens will be sparkling clean and steak free! And as always, our shammies absorb an amazing amount of liquid, so you’ll want to have a few around for unexpected spills, both at home and on the road.

The Sports Shammy is so versatile that even Spas use them as Wash Cloths for facials and body treatments. The shammy is mildly exfoliating and yet very gentle. Great for removing makeup as well as mask and mudd treatments. (also can be sanitized)

The Sports Shammy / Chamois are made from the same 100% viscose as the Original Shammy so they may be cut to any size, will not ravel or fray, may be machine washed and bleached, and can be used with any chemical or detergent. (make sure to wash separate from other towels or linens as the shammy cloth will pick up lint from these)

The Sports Shammy comes in FOUR great colors!
Choose from:Caribbean Blue, Sunny Yellow, Sea Green, or Sky Blue.

Please Note: Sorry, the Tropical Orange and White have been discontinued in the Sport Shammys.

* See our Chamois / Shammy Care & Instructions Page

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* Shipping Just $9.95 For ENTIRE Order!


  • SALE: Just $6.95 for one set of SIX Sport Shammys
  • TWO sets (1 dozen) for $11.90 ($5.95/set)
  • SIX sets (3 dozen) for $33 ($5.50/set)
  • Always in your choice of colors, as available.

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$7.95 Reg.
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