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Industrial Size Rubber Bristle Broom - Rubber Broom
Only $39.95
On SALE for only $19.95
Versatile Cleaning Tool For Your Shop or Garage - Use Wet or Dry!
Amazing Kitchen Dish Cloths / Kitchen Dish Towels: Set of 2
Only $5.99
On SALE for only $5.49
Set of 2 Amazing Super Absorbent Durable Kitchen Cloths
Set of 4 XL German Super Absorbent Shammy / Chamois Cloth
Only $19.95
Original Commercial Grade German Super Absorbent Shammy / Chamois, 100% Viscose. Set of 4 XL (27" x 20") Shammys.
The Original Safety Siphon / Syphon Hose - 1/2" Gas, Oil, Water, & Aquarium Siphon
Only $19.95
On SALE for only $9.95
The Original Safety Siphon: Made in the U.S.A.
Rubber Garden Safety Rake - Handy Home & Garden Product
Only $39.95
On SALE for only $19.95
Great For Landscaping!

Synthetic Super Shammy Chamois Cloths
Auto & Car Care Shammy, Chamois Towels

* Think Spring Super BLOWOUT Sale on ALL Brooms & Rakes! * Spring Cleanup Sale on Siphon Hoses! * Sales Throughout! *

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We Carry The Best & Original German Shammys!
Super Absorbent Chamois Shammy Cloths Shown At Home, Boat & Auto Shows For Over 30 Years. We sell only Commercial Grade Shammies. These are the Thickest, Sturdiest, Synthetic Chamois available.

Our "Original" Super Absorbent Chamois / Shammys are now all Commercial Grade. These are the Thickest, Sturdiest Synthetic Shammies available, and still made in Germany of 100% non-woven viscose rayon. Our Shammies are NOT cheapened by adding, polyester, or paper! (These cheap fillers leave behind lint, may scratch, and produce a fabric that will not hold up to daily use or machine washing.) Our Super Chamois are specially processed using air-spun technology creating millions of fine micro-pores, which allows them to absorb like a sponge! This makes our Synthetic Chamois / Shammy Cloths super absorbent, lint free, strong, and soft (WILL NOT scratch any fine surface). They can be washed, sanitized, and cut for any size job. This versatile Super Shammy chamois cloth will not ravel or tear. You will find endless uses in and around your home for these excellent high quality Shammys. Get Several Sets Today!!

You'll find hundreds of uses for these lint free Chamois / Shammy cloths, such as:
Window Cleaning: For lint & streak free clean that sparkles & shines inside and out.
Auto Care: Use your Synthetic Chamois to wash, dry, wax, & polish your truck, car, boat, RV, motorcycle, bike, etc. Chamois cloths
are NOT microfiber. Microfiber will scratch fine finishes (like your car's paint finish and polished wood) and can be very expensive. Check out our Absorbent Shammy Cloth Comparison Page.
Carpet Cleaning: Super absorbent, cleans & soaks up spills from carpet and padding.
Chamois Towel: Great to take camping, to dry off after swiming, and even lay your hand washables and delicates out to dry in half the time! Even use your chamois as a bath towel!
Kitchen Use: Use to line your vegetables bins, to wipe and clean up spills all around your kitchen. Will not scratch marble or granite countertops.
Fish Tank Maintenance: Cleans acrylic aquariums leaving no scratchs for alge to grow in.
Save $$$ on paper towels while helping save the environment!!! Chamois cloths are a reusable cleaning supply so you will get years of use.

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NEW Chamois Pet Towel Set!
A Shammy Solutions favorite is our NEW Absorbent Shammy Pet Towel set. Also great as a dog bath towel , they dry your dog or pet in half the time. They also may be used for absorbent dog crate pads, dog crate liners & cozy bedding. Chamois pet towels are essential for traveling with pets and are quick to absorb any unexpected accidents along the way. Each set of 3 shammy pet towels comes neatly packaged in a reusable bag along with complete uses and care instructions. Makes the perfect gift!
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Chamois Kitchen Dish Cloths
Absorbent Shammy Kitchen Cloths

Amazing Super Absorbent
Kitchen Dish Cloths

Discover the cleaning secret of professional chefs -
Our Amazing Super Absorbent Kitchen Dish Towels!
Don't put up with the annoyance of bulky wet terrycloth. This most ingenious Kitchen Cloth is the best way to clean up spills, dry dishes, and wipe down counters. This very versitile Kitchen Cloth can be used as a dish cloth to wash even on your most delicate china or crystal without fear of damage. Then wring it out to clean up counters or any spills. Use dry as a Kitchen Hand towel, or to lay on counter to dry your pots or glassware. This hard working cloth will absorb all the excess water - no puddles on the counter or running onto the floor!

Available in 7 beautiful colors that are completely colorfast, even with bleach! Get Yours Today!
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Best Pet Urine Cleaner, Best Cat / Dog Urine Cleaner

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STOP repeated accidents and markings
for good with this simple, and BEST MOST effective Pet Urine Cleaner; GET SERiOUS!® Pheromone, Stain, & Odor EXTRACTOR!
All too often, pet owners blame their pet for this frustrating behavior. This is because they don't understand the biological and instinctive nature of the animal to soil where it smells it's "scent" due to The Pheromone Factor; and GET SERiOUS!® is the ONLY pet urine cleaner capable of REMOVING the Pheromone and STOPPING the re-soiling process altogether. There is no other pet urine cleaner with the strength and ability, and even the SCIENCE of GET SERiOUS!®. This is THE BEST, Most Effective, pet urine cleaner on the market today, but also makes any pet accident (anything your pet tracks in, drags home, or leaves behind!) clean up as simple as 1-2-3!!!

GET SERiOUS!® Pet Urine Cleaner EXTRACTS the problem. It doesn't merely try to neutralize it.
GET SERiOUS!® comes in 2 formulas (16 oz. Bottles):
(1) Cat Urine Cleaner is designed to work specifically as a cat urine odor remover. Cat urine is thicker and stickier than dog urine, but this will also work for any pet or people stain and odor. So if you have cats and dogs, choose this one!
(For More Information & To Order for Cats CLICK HERE!)

(2) Dog Urine Cleaner is designed to work on dog urine as well as any stain or odor that dogs & people track in.
(For More Information & To Order for Dogs CLICK HERE!)

Check out Pet-to-Pet Hints, Tips & Advice!


Here's what our customers are saying ....

"Thank you for your excellent service. The shammy cloths are just what I wanted. They arrived here in a hurry. Thanks again."
Arthur M., Virginia, USA
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Pampered Pet Gift Set

Our Pampered Pet Gift Set includes three of our favorite pet products, conveniently packaged for gift giving and surrounded with adorable paw print tissue paper.
At Shammy Solutions, we won't sell any product that we don't use and love. And these products are all indispensable for keeping pets and the people that love them happy.
Set Includes:
(1)16oz bottle of GET SERiOUS! for cat or dog
(1)Rubber Bristle Scrub Brush, &
(2)Absorbent Shammy Pet Towels.

A gift set any pet owner would howl over. Awwwwe!
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Rubber Bristle Floor Broom, Carpet Rake
Rubber Carpet Broom, Pet Hair Broom

You've Seen Them At Trade Shows Everywhere!
The Rubber Broom is an incredible versatile cleaning product made of solid rubber so there are no loose pieces falling out to sweep up. Old fashioned bristle brooms also allow fine dirt to escape right through the bristles. The Rubber Floor Broom, however, interlocks it's rubber fingers w/ the slightest pressure to lock in dirt. This saves you from having to chase the dirt and dust bunnies. With the Rubber broom you can sweep your entire house, garage ( Industrial size Rubber Broom for large spaces), workshop or patio to a dust free clean. They are perfect for rough or uneven floors such as concrete, tile, vinyl, brick, and stone because the rubber bristles will conform to any texture.

The Rubber Broom can also be used wet, to scrub floors. No more getting down on your hands and knees! You can even do your windows, vinyl siding, hot tubs, and pond liners. When you are done scrubbing, just flip your Rubber Broom over and use the squeegee on the other side to get of the excess water. Many auto & car care uses too. The rubber head will not scratch.

The Rubber Broom is used for carpet cleaning also. Great for traffic pattern areas, smaller carpets and also spot cleans spills. As a carpet rake it effectively rakes up the nap and removes deep down dirt, pet hair, lint, pine needles, and crumbs for really effective carpet cleaning.
We also have the versatile Rubber Hand Broom for getting in hard to reach places. For pet grooming it makes a great pet brush, and as a lint brush it is excellant at removing hair & fuzz from clothing and upholstry.
See all the many uses and pricing specials by clicking the links!
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Safety Siphon, Siphon Hose, Syphon Hose, Gas Siphon

You've Seen This Amazing Self Priming Siphon /Safety Syphon At Home, Boat and Auto Shows Everywhere! Made in the USA
Now order them from the comfort of your own home.  This amazing self priming Siphon/ Syphon Hose has a 1/2" diameter x 6Ft. long anti-static , anti-spark hose with a 3/4" diameter copper tip that contains a check valve (a glass ball and stainless steel spring). The secret to the Safety Siphon Hose is in this check valve which makes it self-priming. Just set the copper valve end into your liquid and use a few quick strokes up and down to start the self-priming action of the Siphon Hose. When the fluid in the hose is past the level of the fluid in the tank you are siphoning from, gravity will take over. That's it, and in 1-1/2 minutes flat you can transfer 5 gallons of gas (or any other liquid) safely, without any gas in your mouth or on the ground! For More Information & To Place Order CLICK HERE : Self Priming Siphon Hoses !

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