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Industrial Size Rubber Bristle Broom - Rubber Broom
Only $39.95
On SALE for only $19.95
Versatile Cleaning Tool For Your Shop or Garage - Use Wet or Dry!
Amazing Kitchen Dish Cloths / Kitchen Dish Towels: Set of 2
Only $5.99
On SALE for only $5.49
Set of 2 Amazing Super Absorbent Durable Kitchen Cloths
Set of 4 XL German Super Absorbent Shammy / Chamois Cloth
Only $19.95
Original Commercial Grade German Super Absorbent Shammy / Chamois, 100% Viscose. Set of 4 XL (27" x 20") Shammys.
The Original Safety Siphon / Syphon Hose - 1/2" Gas, Oil, Water, & Aquarium Siphon
Only $19.95
On SALE for only $9.95
The Original Safety Siphon: Made in the U.S.A.
Rubber Garden Safety Rake - Handy Home & Garden Product
Only $39.95
On SALE for only $19.95
Great For Landscaping!

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Calling ALL PETS!
We'd love to hear how you use & love our products! Please let us us know by e-mail at and we'll feature a picture of your pet along with any helpful hints, tips or advice that other pet owners can benefit from. Please make sure to include your pet's name and the city and state where you live. Also, please put "pet page" in the subject line of your e-mail.

Problem: Garlic vommit on carpet
Solution: GET SERiOUS! Cleaner

Rascal from Pittsburgh, PA says,
"I'm just so glad my mommy got a bottle of GET SERiOUS!. You see, she was feeding me garlic oil to help keep the fleas off of me. Well, one day when she was away, I got sick, and my dad almost threw up because it smelled really bad. I felt terrible because they were so upset!!! But that GET SERiOUS! stuff saved the day and got all the smell out. It worked so well, that's all they use to clean up my accidents. Now, even I can't find the spots! Thank you soooo much!"
Rascal is one of the many family pets here at ShammySolutions. We won't sell any product that we don't already use and love.

Problem: Cat Urine in Concrete
Solution: GET SERiOUS! Cat Urine Cleaner
"Mocha was our family cat. She has since passed away, but she used to have a terrible problem peeing on the concrete wall and floor in our basement. The previous home owners had animals that went there, which attracted her. The smell could not be eliminated no matter what. Months after she passed away, we were doing some work in our basement and had to remove some of the concrete wall to lay some carpet. EWE! The smell that arouse from that spot was unbearable. We were very concerned about laying carpet over this unresolved problem. We also were worried that our new puppy would start going there after we layed the carpet if we couldn't get rid of the odor. After trying just about everything else, we happened upon GET SERiOUS! and decided to give it a whirl. We just zig-zagged some on and used it along with the recommended rubber scrub brush to make it bubble. Then we absorbed the excess with our damp shammy cloth. We can't believe how great it worked! After all those years of using bottles and bottles of every cat urine cleaner and odor remover on the market, this was the one that WORKED Finally! And it was so quick and simple to use. Since, we have used it on everything from old oil stains and odors in clothing to everyday puppy puddles. Thanks a ton!" ...............Stephanie M.

Problem: Fur Balls
Solution: Chamois Pet Towels

Ruthie says, "I love to cuddle up to and just hang out on my chamois pet towels. They are soft and warm and oh so cozy. Plus, they come in handy to clean up the fur balls that I sometimes throw up. (icky!) My owner keeps some extra Pet Towels on hand for any accidents" Sent in by Anne in PA.


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  GET SERiOUS - Best Dog-Cat-Pet Urine Cleaner | Gallon Size
THE BEST Most Effective Dog-Cat-Pet Urine Cleaner available today! NOW Available in the Economy Gallon Size! Stop repeated accidents and markings for good with GET SERiOUS! Dog-Cat-Pet Urine Cleaner & Odor Remover. For more information & use directions, click on picture. See how simple and fast it is to use!
Order yours today! Gallon Bottle


  Set of 4 XL German Super Absorbent Shammy / Chamois Cloth
NEWEST Colors - Rich Black, Purple Grape & Lime Green! All X-Large size set of 4 (27x20) German Shammys in Commercial Grade! Best cleaning product shown at home boat & Auto shows! These are the thickest, sturdiest, BEST Quality, super absorbent synthetic Chamois towels available on the market today! Made in Germany of 100% non-woven viscose.
To Get 2nd Set for $10 -Click on picture & add to cart at bottom of page, also indicate color choice.


  Rubber Hand Broom / Brush - Car Care, Pet Brush, Lint Brush, Pet Grooming
The Rubber Hand Broom / Brush with sgueegee edge has all the same great features as our regular Rubber Broom only in compact, easy to transport size. Great for car care so keep one in your car for a quick sweep of carpet or seats, as a lint brush, or even to clean snow and sludge from car windows. The perfect scrub brush for spot carpet cleaning and upholstery. And for pet grooming, its a fabulous pet brush! Made of solid rubber! Click on picture for more details and sales!


  Chamois Pet Bath Towel | Dog & Pet Drying Towel set
Get Your Paws on These Great Towels Now! Each Pet Towel is cuddly soft, extremely durable, yet super absorbent and cuts bath drying time in half! Use as crate pads, crate liners and dog bedding. Great for all pets, dogs, cats, horses, etc. Another great product from Germany. Click on picture for complete description & color choices!


  Amazing Rubber Floor Broom - Rubber Broom for Carpet Cleaing, Window Cleaning & Pet Hair
The Amazing Rubber Floor Broom with squeegee edge is made of 100% solid rubber, so bristles do not fall out. Use wet or dry to sweep, scrub and squeegee. Great for tile floors, window cleaning, carpet cleaning & even car care! Use to "rake" carpet and remove pet hair, pine needles & more!
Click on picture for details & to purchase sale Broom.


  Commercial Grade "Original" German Super Shammy / Chamois Super Absorbent - 6 pc Variety Set
Six pc Shammy Variety set in Commercial Grade! Best cleaning product shown at home boat & Auto shows! Set includes: 2 XL(27x20)Heavy Weight Super Shammy cloths, + 2 Large(20x14)Heavy Weight Super Shammy, + 2 Sport Size light weight(16X15)Shammys. These super absorbent synthetic Chamois towels are made in Germany of 100% non-woven viscose rayon.
Click on picture to get 2nd set for $10, make color choice, and add to cart!

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