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Industrial Size Rubber Bristle Broom - Rubber Broom
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Versatile Cleaning Tool For Your Shop or Garage - Use Wet or Dry!
Amazing Kitchen Dish Cloths / Kitchen Dish Towels: Set of 2
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Set of 2 Amazing Super Absorbent Durable Kitchen Cloths
Set of 4 XL German Super Absorbent Shammy / Chamois Cloth
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Original Commercial Grade German Super Absorbent Shammy / Chamois, 100% Viscose. Set of 4 XL (27" x 20") Shammys.
The Original Safety Siphon / Syphon Hose - 1/2" Gas, Oil, Water, & Aquarium Siphon
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The Original Safety Siphon: Made in the U.S.A.
Rubber Garden Safety Rake - Handy Home & Garden Product
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Great For Landscaping!

Super Absorbent Chamois / Shammy Cloth
Car Care & Pet Grooming Supply

Directions For Care & Use:

*Hand or Machine Wash

*Rinse Out Before First Use

*No Fabric Softener Needed

*Line Dry, or In Dryer with Low Heat

*Color Fast: May be used with any type bleach or sanitizer.

For full absorbency and streak free use, rinse out your Super Absorbent Shammy Cloth before using the first time, using any detergent that does not contain softeners; all new fabric has sizing in it and this will remove it. Rinse thoroughly in clear water to remove detergent. When dirty, hand or machine-wash your Chamois / Shammy Cloths as per instructions below under "care".
For fastest absorbency, use damp. On vehicles, windows and mirrors, dry with a damp Shammy and then follow with a dry pre-washed one. Dry Shammies can be used to polish windows, wax or polish a car, or dust furniture.
Cut to fit your swiffer-type mop. Use 2 gallons of water and 1/2 cup of white vinegar; wet shammy cloth, wring well, and apply to mop. Cleans hard wood, laminated or ceramic tile without leaving it wet, or a soap residue.

Uses For Your Synthetic Chamois / Shammy:

The Super Absorbent Shammy Cloth is made of 100% viscose making it very unique. It allows it to be extremely absorbent, machine washable, while drying soft.Even when used daily your Chamois Cloth will last you a very long time. There are 100's of uses for your Absorbent Shammy Cloths. Below we have listed many of them with instructions for the best results.

Carpet Cleaning / Wet Spills: Wet your Chamois / Shammy Cloth, wring it out, and place on your spill. There is no need to press. The capillary action of your Shammy Cloth will pull out any moisture by just laying it over the spill. Wring out and repeat as many times as needed to absorb all the liquid. Then finish with equal parts of water and white vinegar. For old stains, saturate with white vinegar, then use your Chamois / Shammy to absorb. Flush with cold water 2 or 3 times, absorbing with your Shammy after each time. Make sure you flush all vinegar out as it could fad your carpeting or fabric.

Oil Stains: Use a mixture of lukewarm water and "Fantastic", "409", or Shaving Cream. Loosen with a soft brush, wait a few minutes and absorb liquid with your damp Shammy Cloth. Wet with cold water and a tablespoon of white vinegar to cut the suds and then again absorb with your damp Shammy.

Polishing: Use your Shammy Cloth dry with your favorite polishing compound.

Dusting: Use your Synthetic Chamois to dust your fine wood, electronics and even your computer. Use either dry or damp with or without your polish.

Car Care: Use with soap and water to wash your car. The Shammy Cloth does a great job because it holds so many suds. For drying, use your Shammy Cloth just as you would a regular leather chamois. Wipe in one direction only! You may also use your Shammy Cloth wet or dry for applying wax. Use dry for removing wax and buffing. (follow pre-wash instructions)
Window Cleaning: Mix 2 gallons of water with 1/2 cup of white vinegar to wash windows and mirrors. 2 gallons of water with just a drop of dish soap works well too. Polish with a pre-washed and dried Shammy Cloth for a lint free, streak free shine.

Paints: You may even use your Super Absorbent Chamois / Shammy Cloth to absorb latex and oil based paints, oil and grease. To remove these substances from your Shammy Cloth, just rinse out in paint thinner or degreaser, then follow with normal washing instructions (see below under "care").

Synthetic Chamois are an excellent Pet Grooming Supply!

Care Of Your Absorbent Chamois / Shammy Cloth:

Hand or machine wash using any fabric detergent, ones with fabric softener not recommended. (Rinse out before first use as stated above.) You may also add bleach (our Shammies are color fast) or other sanitizer to the wash water. If Shammy was used to absorb oil, grease, or paint, rinse out thoroughly with paint thinner or degreaser, then follow with normal washing. Rinse water should be clear or add cup of white vinegar, fabric softeners should not be used and are not needed. Fabric softener products are wax based and hinder the absorbency of all fabrics. Our Shammies dry soft without softeners. Line dry or dry in dryer with NO or LOW HEAT. It is not a good idea to wash shammys with items that are fuzzy or shed, as they may collect lint, then they will no longer be "Lint-Free". To maintain best absorbency, Shammies should be washed without fabric softener (they really do not need it), and air dry or use lowest heat setting in dryer.

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  Set of 4 XL German Super Absorbent Shammy / Chamois Cloth
NEWEST Colors - Rich Black, Purple Grape & Lime Green! All X-Large size set of 4 (27x20) German Shammys in Commercial Grade! Best cleaning product shown at home boat & Auto shows! These are the thickest, sturdiest, BEST Quality, super absorbent synthetic Chamois towels available on the market today! Made in Germany of 100% non-woven viscose.
To Get 2nd Set for $10 -Click on picture & add to cart at bottom of page, also indicate color choice.
Item No. 100-17


  Commercial Grade "Original" German Super Shammy / Chamois Super Absorbent - 6 pc Variety Set
Six pc Shammy Variety set in Commercial Grade! Best cleaning product shown at home boat & Auto shows! Set includes: 2 XL(27x20)Heavy Weight Super Shammy cloths, + 2 Large(20x14)Heavy Weight Super Shammy, + 2 Sport Size light weight(16X15)Shammys. These super absorbent synthetic Chamois towels are made in Germany of 100% non-woven viscose rayon.
Click on picture to get 2nd set for $10, make color choice, and add to cart!

Item No. 100-01


  Sports Chamois / Shammy Cloth, Pack of 6 Super Absorbent
Sports Shammy 6 pack. All the benefits of our original Heavy Weight Chamois/Shammy cloth in a Sporty, lighter weight & size!(15x16) The Sports Shammy excels as a Golf Towel, just clip to golf bag, belt, or tuck in pocket. Excellent for windows, in the kitchen, or the car for travel clean-up.
Click on picture for complete description and current sales

Item No. 100-03


  Basic Set: 4 Large 20" x 13.5" Chamois / Shammy Cloths
Basic Set: Four Large (20" x 13.5") super absorbent heavy weight German Chamois / Shammy Cloths for just $9.95. These are the same high quality Shammies in our larger sets. Available in 10 Beautiful colors. For color choices & discounts, please click on the picture.
Item No. 100-16


  Rubber Garden Safety Rake - Handy Home & Garden Product
Our Garden Safety Rake has solid rubber tines! It is the perfect home & garden product for raking mulch, leaves, soil, grass and rocks in your garden, lawn or pond. The 3" rubber fingers are flexible so they won't damage the bark on your trees and shrubs, yet strong enough for heavy duty use. The Rubber Garden Rake has a 16" solid rubber head and a 59" heavy duty steel handle. Click on picture for SALE pricing.
Item No. 100-19


  Industrial Size Rubber Bristle Broom - Rubber Broom
Use Wet or Dry - An industrial Rubber Bristle Broom to replace your less than average push broom. This versatile tool does more than just push. It sweeps everything in it's path, even wet leaves & grass clippings. Flip it over and it becomes a squeegee. And it's virtually indestructible! Click on the picture for details & Sale Pricing!
Item No. 100-11


  Chamois Pet Bath Towel | Dog & Pet Drying Towel set
Get Your Paws on These Great Towels Now! Each Pet Towel is cuddly soft, extremely durable, yet super absorbent and cuts bath drying time in half! Use as crate pads, crate liners and dog bedding. Great for all pets, dogs, cats, horses, etc. Another great product from Germany. Click on picture for complete description & color choices!
Item No. 100-27


  Rubber Hand Broom / Brush - Car Care, Pet Brush, Lint Brush, Pet Grooming
The Rubber Hand Broom / Brush with sgueegee edge has all the same great features as our regular Rubber Broom only in compact, easy to transport size. Great for car care so keep one in your car for a quick sweep of carpet or seats, as a lint brush, or even to clean snow and sludge from car windows. The perfect scrub brush for spot carpet cleaning and upholstery. And for pet grooming, its a fabulous pet brush! Made of solid rubber! Click on picture for more details and sales!
Item No. 100-12


  Amazing Rubber Floor Broom - Rubber Broom for Carpet Cleaing, Window Cleaning & Pet Hair
The Amazing Rubber Floor Broom with squeegee edge is made of 100% solid rubber, so bristles do not fall out. Use wet or dry to sweep, scrub and squeegee. Great for tile floors, window cleaning, carpet cleaning & even car care! Use to "rake" carpet and remove pet hair, pine needles & more!
Click on picture for details & to purchase sale Broom.

Item No. 100-10


  The Original Safety Siphon / Syphon Hose - 1/2" Gas, Oil, Water, & Aquarium Siphon
The Original Safety Siphon: Made & Assembled in the USA! The Original Safety Siphon / Syphon Hose has a 1/2" diameter x 6ft. long anti-static, anti-spark hose w/ a 3/4" copper self-priming check valve on the end. Great for home, garden, garage, pond, aquarium & fish tank maintenance. FDA Sanctioned Food Grade for drinking water & home breweries! Click on the picture for details!
Item No. 100-23

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