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Industrial Size Rubber Bristle Broom - Rubber Broom
Only $39.95
On SALE for only $19.95
Versatile Cleaning Tool For Your Shop or Garage - Use Wet or Dry!
Amazing Kitchen Dish Cloths / Kitchen Dish Towels: Set of 2
Only $5.99
On SALE for only $5.49
Set of 2 Amazing Super Absorbent Durable Kitchen Cloths
Set of 4 XL German Super Absorbent Shammy / Chamois Cloth
Only $19.95
Original Commercial Grade German Super Absorbent Shammy / Chamois, 100% Viscose. Set of 4 XL (27" x 20") Shammys.
The Original Safety Siphon / Syphon Hose - 1/2" Gas, Oil, Water, & Aquarium Siphon
Only $19.95
On SALE for only $9.95
The Original Safety Siphon: Made in the U.S.A.
Rubber Garden Safety Rake - Handy Home & Garden Product
Only $39.95
On SALE for only $19.95
Great For Landscaping!

Satisfied Customer Comments & Testimonials

Dear Shoppers,

We can talk till the cows come home about how wonderful our products are, and tell you that we have 1000's of satisfied customers, but .....we'll let them tell you instead. Below you will find just a few of the fine comments our customers have made. These will be updated periodically. Enjoy! We sure do

Here's what our customers are saying ....

"Thank you for your excellent service. The shammy cloths are just what I wanted. They arrived here in a hurry. Thanks again."
Arthur M., Virginia, USA

Also see what people are saying about us at BMW Motorcycle Owners of Georgia. Thanks to all for their positive feedback!

More Customer Comments:

"I bought my rubber broom at our local fair a couple of years ago.  I gave one to my mother for cleaning the outdoor carpet on her balcony and kept the other for myself. Having two Golden Retrievers in the house, I can't tell you how much I love this product.  I posted this picture on my Golden Retriever group list and was asked numerous times what it was and where I got it.  I looked up your website and sent everyone the link. Thanks for the wonderful product."
Carol D., USA

"I'm not one for writing letters, but I had to let you know how I feel about your product. We first bought the chamois at our local county fair (the Dekalb County Fair in Sandwich, Illinois) about 10 years ago. The set that we bought lasted for a very long time. We LOVE them. We have used them to clean up after babies, toddlers and kids. I usually have a hard time hard time believing the hucksters at the booths you find at fairs and other venues. This product is everything it claims to be. Not only do they clean up spills as claimed, they also have a very good longevity as long as you follow the care instructions. I hope your company is very successful for a long time. I will continue to use this wherever I can. We did find out why you don't dry them. They*SHRINK! Thank you for your time."
Dan G., Illinois, USA

* Dan was commenting on the fact that the super shammy, if machine dryed with heat, will shrink and become mis-shapen slightly, but it will not hinder their preformance. To minimize shrinking, it is best to use the lowest heat setting for the shortest time neccessary to fully dry your shammys. Thanks again Dan for your kind comments!
Shammy Solutions Staff

" First, let me begin by telling you that your Shammy's turned out to be everything that you advertised them to be. Super absorbent, lint free, etc. Second, I was so surprised to see your quick and prompt reply to my e-mail message that I knew at that point your customer service personnel is top notch. Wow! Then, I received the Shammy's much sooner then I thought I would. Awesome! Thank you.
With that, I ordered another 2 sets of 5 shammy's and I'm hoping that you will accomodate my request by sending one set in Tropical Orange and one set in Sky Blue. Again Customer Service, you're doing your company a fine service. I'll be spreading the word about your products and service."

Wendy L., Oregon, USA

"They are great! I dried off me kangaroo this arvo!!! Thank you!"
Bonni D., Austrailia

"Hi. Just wanted to let you know I recieved my order in today's mail. The 'Industrial Strength' broom will be perfect for my son-by-law's 6 bay garage/workshop. The regular size broom is for my daughter.....maybe she will sweep !!! I might just keep the hand brush for myself. It looks pretty handy. Glad my friend introduced me to your products with the gift of a broom. Thanks."
Joyce R. Alabama, USA

" I had my mop for 20 years +! I was so happy to find your site! this will be the first time I ever replaced my mop head! Amazing product! I hope the heads are as durable as they were so many, many years ago."
After receiving her shipment she further commented ....
" I love my mop head! It's working just as expected! Thanks again!"
Brenda D., New York, USA

"I recieved some of your techni-ice sheets as a gift. I use them in my husbands lunch box for work and they work great! We also used them last summer in our big cooler on a road trip. Everything stayed cold and I didn't have to drain water every night or refill ice. So much easier this way. Just thought you'd like to know."
Anne M., Pennsylvania, USA

"We bought two brooms at Portland, OR RV show and can't say enough good things about them. Super product. Am buying one for my sister and the hand brush I neglected to get at the show. Thanks for a great product!!"
Brigid G. Washington, USA

"I've been using these sharpeners for years. There is nothing quicker and better. I use them primarily for kitchen knives. I have friends I will give one set for a gift. the second set is mine."
James C. Tennessee, USA

"Thank you for your excellent service. My customer # is 2007 1208 0932 476365. The shammy cloths are just what I wanted. They arrived here in a hurry. Thanks again."
Arthur M., Virginia, USA

" I originally purchased some of your old orange miracle cloths at an auto show - wow a great product that always delivered - ran out glad I found you."
John R., Maine, USA

Thanks for all the positive feedback! If you would like to be included in our testimonials or if you have found a great new use for one of our products, please contact customer service.

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  Chamois Pet Bath Towel | Dog & Pet Drying Towel set
Get Your Paws on These Great Towels Now! Each Pet Towel is cuddly soft, extremely durable, yet super absorbent and cuts bath drying time in half! Use as crate pads, crate liners and dog bedding. Great for all pets, dogs, cats, horses, etc. Another great product from Germany. Click on picture for complete description & color choices!
Item No. 100-27


  Rubber Hand Broom / Brush - Car Care, Pet Brush, Lint Brush, Pet Grooming
The Rubber Hand Broom / Brush with sgueegee edge has all the same great features as our regular Rubber Broom only in compact, easy to transport size. Great for car care so keep one in your car for a quick sweep of carpet or seats, as a lint brush, or even to clean snow and sludge from car windows. The perfect scrub brush for spot carpet cleaning and upholstery. And for pet grooming, its a fabulous pet brush! Made of solid rubber! Click on picture for more details and sales!
Item No. 100-12


  Amazing Rubber Floor Broom - Rubber Broom for Carpet Cleaing, Window Cleaning & Pet Hair
The Amazing Rubber Floor Broom with squeegee edge is made of 100% solid rubber, so bristles do not fall out. Use wet or dry to sweep, scrub and squeegee. Great for tile floors, window cleaning, carpet cleaning & even car care! Use to "rake" carpet and remove pet hair, pine needles & more!
Click on picture for details & to purchase sale Broom.

Item No. 100-10


  Industrial Size Rubber Bristle Broom - Rubber Broom
Use Wet or Dry - An industrial Rubber Bristle Broom to replace your less than average push broom. This versatile tool does more than just push. It sweeps everything in it's path, even wet leaves & grass clippings. Flip it over and it becomes a squeegee. And it's virtually indestructible! Click on the picture for details & Sale Pricing!
Item No. 100-11


  Rubber Garden Safety Rake - Handy Home & Garden Product
Our Garden Safety Rake has solid rubber tines! It is the perfect home & garden product for raking mulch, leaves, soil, grass and rocks in your garden, lawn or pond. The 3" rubber fingers are flexible so they won't damage the bark on your trees and shrubs, yet strong enough for heavy duty use. The Rubber Garden Rake has a 16" solid rubber head and a 59" heavy duty steel handle. Click on picture for SALE pricing.
Item No. 100-19


  Set of 4 XL German Super Absorbent Shammy / Chamois Cloth
NEWEST Colors - Rich Black, Purple Grape & Lime Green! All X-Large size set of 4 (27x20) German Shammys in Commercial Grade! Best cleaning product shown at home boat & Auto shows! These are the thickest, sturdiest, BEST Quality, super absorbent synthetic Chamois towels available on the market today! Made in Germany of 100% non-woven viscose.
To Get 2nd Set for $10 -Click on picture & add to cart at bottom of page, also indicate color choice.
Item No. 100-17


  Commercial Grade "Original" German Super Shammy / Chamois Super Absorbent - 6 pc Variety Set
Six pc Shammy Variety set in Commercial Grade! Best cleaning product shown at home boat & Auto shows! Set includes: 2 XL(27x20)Heavy Weight Super Shammy cloths, + 2 Large(20x14)Heavy Weight Super Shammy, + 2 Sport Size light weight(16X15)Shammys. These super absorbent synthetic Chamois towels are made in Germany of 100% non-woven viscose rayon.
Click on picture to get 2nd set for $10, make color choice, and add to cart!

Item No. 100-01


  Sports Chamois / Shammy Cloth, Pack of 6 Super Absorbent
Sports Shammy 6 pack. All the benefits of our original Heavy Weight Chamois/Shammy cloth in a Sporty, lighter weight & size!(15x16) The Sports Shammy excels as a Golf Towel, just clip to golf bag, belt, or tuck in pocket. Excellent for windows, in the kitchen, or the car for travel clean-up.
Click on picture for complete description and current sales

Item No. 100-03


  Basic Set: 4 Large 20" x 13.5" Chamois / Shammy Cloths
Basic Set: Four Large (20" x 13.5") super absorbent heavy weight German Chamois / Shammy Cloths for just $9.95. These are the same high quality Shammies in our larger sets. Available in 10 Beautiful colors. For color choices & discounts, please click on the picture.
Item No. 100-16


  The Original Safety Siphon / Syphon Hose - 1/2" Gas, Oil, Water, & Aquarium Siphon
The Original Safety Siphon: Made & Assembled in the USA! The Original Safety Siphon / Syphon Hose has a 1/2" diameter x 6ft. long anti-static, anti-spark hose w/ a 3/4" copper self-priming check valve on the end. Great for home, garden, garage, pond, aquarium & fish tank maintenance. FDA Sanctioned Food Grade for drinking water & home breweries! Click on the picture for details!
Item No. 100-23

All prices in US Dollars

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