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Synthetic German Shammy Comparison to Microfiber & Leather Chamois

While there are many types of cleaning cloths on the market, we feel our Absorbent Synthetic Shammy Cloths are the best! We found a confusing array of different cleaning cloths available with various features. So we researched them and would like to share our results with you.

The original Leather Chamois are great drying a car off, but dry stiff and can't be used for waxing or other household cleaning. They are also costly.

There is a product called "Miracle Cloth" that is made of woven cotton infused with polishing compounds. These do a good job shining up metal. If washed, the polish is removed. Since they woven, they can not be cut to size or they will ravel.

Many use the term "Microfiber", but the quality varies greatly.  The " microfiber " label is used because it's popular. True microfiber is made of polyester(70-80%) and nylon polymide (30-20%). The fibers are split to make them microscopically thin (0.01-0.02 denier). This makes them absorbent to varing degrees, depending on how finely they are split. The finer the fibers are split the more absorbent and softer the material. Some cheap Microfiber is split only to the minimum degree required to be called microfiber. We found that these shed and left shiney "lint" on windows and counters. (Flat woven, non-split poly-nylon fabric is water repelant and used for rain gear!) Microfiber is always woven or knit,so it will ravel if cut, and available in several textures, most of which say they scrub and so tell you not to use it on "delicate" surfaces such as: Granite, Marble, or Polished metals. The less dense the fabric, the more it will scratch. We tried one in our kitchen and it left our hands very rough and dry! So what would it do to your car's finish? They also sell a different texture and size (since you can't cut it) of microfiber cloth for every use. So you need one to do your windows, one for your car, one for your kitchen, one to do your dusting, well you get the idea, $$$$$$$$$$. Can you remember which one to use where?

The Super Absorbent Synthetic Shammy is non-woven and made of air-spun VISCOSE. This German high tech process creates thousands of microscopic pores which quickly absorb and hold liquids many times it's own weight. The Synthetic Shammy cloth is sturdy, dries soft and will not scratch ANY surface. You can use your favorite cleaner without damaging your Shammy. It can also be sanitized. Because it is non-woven you can cut it to fit any size job, it will never ravel. The VISCOSE Shammy can be machine washed over and over again for long use, thus saving you money. Groomers love our Shammy for pet grooming, and if you have seen Amos on our Shammy Pet Towel page, you can see dogs love them too!

Set of 4 XL German Super Absorbent Shammy ClothsSet of 4 XL German Super Absorbent Shammy ClothsFour X-Large Full size (27x20) German Shammys in Commercial Grade! Best cleaning product shown at home boat & Auto shows! These are the thickest, sturdiest, BEST Quality, super absorbent synthetic Chamois towels available on the market today! Made in Germany of 100% non-woven viscose. Click on picture for complete description, & color choices!
German Sports Shammy Cloth, Pack of 6German Sports Shammy Cloth, Pack of 6Sports Shammy 6 pack. All the benefits of our original Heavy Weight Shammy cloth in a Sporty, lighter weight & size!(15x16) Our Sports Shammy is an all around team player and shines indoors as well as outside, from the Kitchen to the Golf Course. The Sports Shammy excels as a Golf Towel, just clip to golf bag, belt, or tuck in pocket. Excellent for windows, in the kitchen, or the car for travel clean-up. Click on the picture for full info, multi-set discounts & colors.
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